Sharpen Your Technology                                                                    

RazorTek Inc is a full service provider of data, software and services for the Geospatial industry. RazorTek provides services and Technology assistance to the Geospatial market, specializing in design, development, and automation of complex systems for spatial data display and analysis.

With our highly qualified personnel working with Geospatial software and products, we understand the requirements of our clients and are are able to provide innovative solutions. 


 GIS & Raster Services                                                  Software (ESRI, LizardTech, andTerraGo)                Aerial and Satellite Imagery 
 Data Extraction                                                                                           GeoExpress 9.X (Click for info)                                         Aerial Photography (Click to view samples)
      Data Development                                                                                       GeoExpress 9.X Tools                                                           PlanetLabs (Click to view samples)

      Data Conversion                                                                                          Express Server 9.X                                                                Digital Globe (Click to view samples)
      Map Creation (Click to view samples)                                                       LiDAR Compressor 1.1                                                                                                                    

     MrSID images reprojection and mosaic (Click to view samples)
            ESRI Silver Business Partner (Click for info)                   

     Georeferencing (Click to view samples)
                                                     Reseller ArcGIS 10.X Desktop Basic and Concurrent Use                                                    

     Web Development (Click to view samples)                                                Reseller ArcGIS Extensions Single Use and Concurrent Use

      CAD Conversion                                                                                         Reseller ArcPad and StreetMap

     SDSFIE Database creation and conversion                                              TerraGo (Click for info)                                             

      Vector Extraction from Raster Datasets                                                   TerraGo Edge

      Onsite GIS software training                                                                     Terrago Publisher for ArcGIS

     Image classification                                                                                    TerraGo Composer for Adobe Acrobat

      Image mosaic and reprojection

        TX DIR Contract DIR-TSO-3471 (Click for Info)